Nature around Vancouver

We took a 4th of July weekend trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. Our main reason: the Women's World Cup Final, which proved to be as exciting and historic as we had hoped when we purchased the tickets in early February.

But, game aside, we both truly love visiting Vancouver, and use any trip as a reason to return to favorite restaurants and coffee shops, while carving out time for new experiences. Not included in these photos was our visit to clothing-optional Wreck Beach, which stares out onto the Straight of Georgia and features warm, wade-able water. (We'd been searching for a nice ocean view and breeze before the game, and as we descended the seemingly endless stairs to the beach, it was only the constant "Get Naked" signs scrawled on the stairs that alerted us to this fact!)

I left my camera in my bag for that venture, but I happily took photos at Lynn Canyon Park and its suspension bridge, Deep Cove and the hike we did from said cove, Quarry Rock (can you spot tiny downtown Vancouver in that photo?), as well as two new to us establishments: Ask for Luigi and the Settlement Building which houses Vancouver Urban Winery, Postmark Brewing, and Belgard Kitchen.