Cape Disappointment

We planned to spend Memorial Day hiking and drinking a few beers--an ideal kick-off to any summer--and set our sights on the Washington coast, specifically Cape Disappointment, the most depressing, mood-dropping name around. Cape Disappointment is located on the southern tip of the Washington Coast, directly across from the northern tip of the Oregon Coast, the two outposts framing the mouth of the Columbia River, where the Pacific Ocean and the river meet. We'd previously viewed this section of Washington from nearby Astoria, Oregon, but on Memorial Day we drove across the four mile long Astoria-Megler bridge and hugged the Washington side of the Columbia until we reached the Cape.

An unoriginal pun, but it must be said: Cape Disappointment did not disappoint. The hike to one of the lighthoues was moderately challenging and enjoyable, and we were both pleased with the bursts of sun, as it was projected to be foggy when we were there. And yes, beers were enjoyed afterwards--back across the bridge to Oregon, at Buoy Beer Company.