Delta 3200 Film

I purchased a used Nikon F100 shortly before Christmas, narrowly squeaking under the limbo bar to achieve my goal of incorporating film photography into my repertoire in 2013.

While I don't have any right-this-moment goals of shooting an entire event with film, I have been reaching for the camera as a fun--and nerve-wracking--complement to my digital photography. I shot two rolls of Portra 400 and was pleased with some of the results, especially people and nature photos.

I most recently experimented with black and white film, the Delta 3200, which I shot at 1600 ISO to negate some of the graininess and brighten up the resulting images. These images are a mix of Portland's recent snow and ice-storm, a few at home shots, and images from Elowah Falls, the Japanese Garden, and the Vietnam Memorial.