Season's End

Christmas felt especially long this year. I normally cling to Christmas until well into January, as I turn up the volume on Michael Bublé’s syrupy voice, sing along with the lovable Ghost of Christmas Present as he envelops the living room in "It Feels like Christmas", and take deep inhalations of a just-lit frasier fir candle. Yet, this year, I actually feel ready to move away from December and into the hopeful new year.

Perhaps it's because my annual Christmas cold is now a distant memory; perhaps it's because we spent Christmas Day at home in Portland after 10 days on the East Coast; perhaps it's because I'm satisfied with the time spent with family and friends. My mention of a lengthy Christmas wasn't meant as negative commentary: for once, I used the season for reflection and slowing down. And now: I'm curious about what next year will bring. Happy New Year!