Italy on Film

I brought along a few rolls of film on our recent trip to Italy, nervously having them hand-checked through security, as I was worried that the scanning would somehow corrupt the film (most modern scanners won't hurt film under a certain ISO, but I didn't want to take any risks). I brought along a black and white film, Fuji Neopan 100, that I'd shot with before our trip, but hadn't had a chance to get developed. So, I considered the film a wildcard, not knowing how it would read light and color or if I should push or pull it. (I set my cameras ISO at 200, to push for a little more texture and capture more if the light wasn't ideal). I also brought one of my favorite color films, Portra 400. I love the rich colors and the dreamy, ethereal look that the resulting images have. I set my camera at 400 ISO for this, though I know it's a popular film to pull by a few stops for a really bright look.

I tended to use the black and white film on streetscapes or interesting architectural details and saved the color film for a few portraits and especially the coast, as I hoped the colors of the buildings and water would be enhanced by film. I've especially liked comparing nearly identical shots I took on my digital camera with the film camera--the texture and depth on film simply can't be replicated.