Engagement Photos | Melissa & Phil

Melissa and I went to college together, but didn't become friends until a mutual friend of ours got married--my college roommate, Brittany (see photos here). In the last year and a half, I've had the best time getting to know Mel and Phil, who conveniently live in Somerville, MA, a state we happen to visit all the time for holidays and family trips.

This past Christmas trip, after time in Worcester, Needham, and Plymouth, Justin and I drove into Boston to hang out with the newly engaged couple. In between drink experimentations (pocari sweat + St. Germaine=wow) and an excellent dinner, we braved the incredibly windy Charles River so I could take a few engagement photos for their website and save-the-date. Clearly, both did an amazing job of implying that the weather was a moderate 50 degrees out, when in reality, after 45 minutes without my gloves, my fingers resembled a wizened old woman's--only redder. After warming up in the car, we made a quick detour to Green Street Grill, site of Melissa and Phil's first date.