Wedding Photography | Emily + Andy

Emily and I met on the first day of our freshman year of college. We lived right down the hallway from each other, and became almost immediate friends. We've remained close since, and last weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of watching (and photographing) her marry the love of her life, Andy. I first heard about the "mysterious professor" (he is a biology professor at Denison University) over the course of my wedding weekend, four years ago. Emily was bright with excitement about my wedding, sure, but she was glowing with the possibility of meeting Andy in person, after hearing about him from her friends.

When she traveled back to Ohio after that Fall weekend, she and Andy met, dated, and eventually moved in. They are truly well-suited for each other, both in their senses of humor and in their professional interests. After all, as a freshman, Emily would chat about the hazards of invasive species in non-native habitats on walks to the cafeteria, and fortuitously, Andy is a biology professor with special interests in pollination biology and plant-herbivore interactions. (I gleaned those specific phrases from Denison's website!).

Clearly, they are meant to be. Congratulations Emily and Andy!