Wedding Photography | Andy + Maria

In today's wedding culture, the intensity of the wedding industry can pressure couples into thinking they need their flowers a certain way, their colors just-so, and their decorations as Pinterest-worthy as possible. In this rush to make sure everything is perfect, the uniqueness of the couple becomes lost.

Not in Andy and Maria's case. In fact, they were content with not even having a wedding photographer until I came around! In creating their entire wedding from the ground-up (without an officiant, without a wedding planner, without a caterer, and without a florist), their wedding united friends and family across the country. A number of guests joined together to create and execute the menu, with the majority of the food sourced from the wedding's location, Mudjoy Farm. Andy and Harry, Mudjoy's farmer, were freshman-year roommates at Carleton, but had lost touch since. Last year, as Andy and Maria were debating where to have their wedding, they stopped by the King Farmers Farmers' Market to pick up some food – leading to an unexpected reunion when they visited Mudjoy's booth! As the former roommates caught up with each other, their conversation turned to Andy and Maria's upcoming wedding. The couple, realizing that a low-key wedding on a friend's farm was exactly what they wanted, pitched the idea to Harry and Harry's partner, Jim.

A little more than a year after that conversation, Andy and Maria married each other in a re-creation of a traditional Quaker ceremony. Over the several days running up to the wedding, food was prepped, tables were arranged, and flowers were picked from the farm – everyone dear to the couple contributed something, meaning that the memories of the wedding will be much more than eating farm-fresh food or toasting the newly married couple. I'm very thankful to have been a part of such a unique wedding. Congratulations Maria and Andy!