Wedding Photography | Near & Dear, Again

Catherine and I met in Copenhagen during our semester abroad. We took classes together as part of the Child Development & Diversity Program, enjoyed too many bottles of Carlsberg, and traveled to Tours and Paris with a few other members of our program. In Paris, I developed a truly horrible cold; I completely lost my voice and could barely walk around the city without doubling over from coughing.

As we were students on a budget, we stayed in a cheap hostel with zero frills. There were 2 girls in one room and 3 girls in another. Catherine and another friend slept on the queen bed and I slept on the little cot next to it. Each morning, we'd walk across the street to the bakery, buy a baguette, and return to eat breakfast on the bed, slathering Nutella onto the perfectly crusty bread. After I became sick, the other girls were justifiably concerned that I'd infect them and keep everyone awake with my coughing. A "single" room was available in the hostel. This room ended up being more like an attic cubby: you basically had to crawl to get into the room, and once inside, there was a small bed and no window. I was sick enough to be excited by the quiet darkness. I still remember Catherine climbing the extra 3 flights of stairs up to my level and chatting with me while I rested (and being concerned about the state of the closet I was sleeping in).

Since the Fall of 2003, post-Copenhagen, we've maintained our friendship; meeting up in DC, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, San Francisco, and Portland, criss-crossing the country to stay in touch. This weekend I watched my dear friend marry Charlie, a wonderful man (and talented architect). I'm thrilled for them and look forward to more cross-country visits in our future!