Hot Bird Running

This Fall, I participated in the Portland Trail Series. The series hosts trail races every other Wednesday throughout September and October on different courses in Forest Park. All races start and end at the Leif Erickson gate, but from there, each diverge onto different trails of varying length, intensity, and extended hills.

I met Meghan Reynolds as I was making my way down one of the final steep descents during the first race, eager to plant my feet on the rocky, familiar Leif Erickson path. As we chatted, she mentioned that she had recently moved to Portland from Brooklyn, and had brought her running coaching business, Hot Bird Running, with her.

Meghan and Hot Bird's co-founder, Jessica Reynolds, both formerly of Brooklyn, now each live in Portland. In between her day job, Meghan creates training plans for race charity teams, individual training plans (time goals, distance goals), and does a variety of one-on-one coaching sessions. She mentioned that she wanted to freshen up some of the photographs on their website, seeking images evocative of the Pacific Northwest that showed Meghan coaching.

We went out on the last weekend of true Fall color and walked around Washington Park's Rose Garden with Meghan's friend Natalie (the stand-in client). Here are a few images from that shoot. For more information on Hot Bird and the variety of coaching you can receive, visit their website or Facebook page.