I'm a photographer based in Portland, Oregon. I photograph people, objects, and locations related to food and culture, with a focus on sculptural elements, details, and place.


I hope my photographs spark conversations about food: where and how an ingredient is grown, the people and animals involved, and the myriad of important conversations that surround our food systems, both on personal and societal levels. My food photography is not just about the final, plated meal. I follow ingredients from their natural setting—a farm, a market, a garden—to the process of turning those raw ingredients into a meal, and the enjoyment of, and conversations around, that meal.

When I'm not photographing food, I enjoy capturing life events and everyday, unforced, moments.


I'm currently shooting with a Nikon D700 and a variety of prime lenses.

I'm available for photography of you, your business, your product, your farm, or your family, in its natural, authentic setting.   I'm especially interested in photographing you (or your product or business) in a way that shares the reality of the product that you've put hours of effort into; or photographing the important people in your life without unnecessary props or gimmicks.

So, instead of spreading out a blanket for a fake picnic--I'll photograph your family or you and your partner enjoying an actual picnic. Instead of photographing your family visiting a petting zoo, something you might never do except for the sake of a fun setting for photos, I'll photograph your family taking care of your own backyard chickens, tending to your garden, or spending an afternoon baking.  If you're an avid hiker, naturalist, or athlete, I'll photograph you (or your family or partner) hiking, rock climbing, or biking (to name a few).  Finally, I'll take photos of your product in a setting that makes sense, such as documenting people enjoying it or the process of creating said product.

I often photograph without a timeline, unless, of course, a timeline is necessary.  I seek to follow a process--whether from start to finish of a baked good, a full day at your place of business, or a day in the life of your business or family.


If you are interested in learning more or inquiring about my services, please email me at meaghin at gmail.com.

For a glimpse into my daily life, including what I'm cooking, where I travel, and my thoughts on food culture and politics, visit my blog or follow me on twitter.